Daylight Saving ends; set your clocks back


This weekend is the time we get back the hour we rapidly advanced through in the spring when we moved our clocks ahead an hour.

Daylight Saving Tim ends Sunday, Nov. 1 so your best bet is to set clocks back an hour before you hit the sack Saturday, Oct. 31.

Most digital devices will do this for you. But, you may wish to check with your truck’s manual or make a quick call to the maintenance shop to be sure your truck and its electronic logging device do what they are supposed to.

Also, keep in mind that even one hour’s change can make a difference in your sleep schedule. It may take a while for your body to adjust to the time change, so be aware of how you feel when you hit the road and throughout your driving day.

Keep in mind that Arizona does not observe daylight saving time (except for the Navajo Nation). Neither does Hawaii.