New York latest state to modify hours of service for fuel haulers

Updated Nov 18, 2022
New York state highway sign

The State of New York Department of Transportation has modified hours of service regulations for haulers of certain fuels through Nov. 30.

The order, issued Nov. 16, cited a supply chain issue resulting in the shortage of petroleum products used for winter heating and transportation. Hours of service regulations contained in 17 NYCRR 820.6 for intrastate transportation of fuels is modified as follows:

  • The 70-hour maximum on-duty period in 8 days is modified to be 84 hours
  • The 60-hour maximum on-duty period in 7 days is modified to be 74 hours
  • The 14-hour maximum workday is modified to be 16 hours. An 8 hour off-duty period must be taken to reset the 16-hour provision.
  • The 34-hour restart provision is modified to be 24 hours. Carriers may utilize a 24-hour off-duty period that occurred prior to November 16.
  • On-duty time for the purposes of computation of the 60/70 or 14-hour rules shall not include time spent waiting in a CMV while on the property of a hazardous materials shipper or carrier, loading/unloading point, or terminal immediately subsequent to or preceding loading/unloading operations.

This declaration from the New York State Department of Transportation can be found by clicking here.

New York joins OhioNebraskaIowa, and South Dakota for recently issuing hours of service waivers for fuel haulers.