Survey meant to identify Florida emergency truck parking needs

Big rig on the highway in the rain

Two Florida universities are conducting a survey of truckers as part of efforts to identify safe truck parking during dangerous weather.

The study, conducted by the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, will identify potential opportunities and challenges associated with identifying potential emergency parking locations throughout Florida to ensure the safety of drivers and their trucks during severe weather events.

Severe weather events are defined as any dangerous weather event with the potential to cause damage or serious disruption, such as a hurricane, heavy precipitation, fog, fire smoke, or high winds. These events may lead to unsafe driving conditions, necessitating a truck driver to stop driving and find a safe emergency parking location until they are able to resume normal operations. 

The survey defines a safe emergency truck parking location as a site designated and reserved for parking trucks during a severe weather event until the drivers can resume normal operations. These locations will be in support of the existing public and private truck parking network. These locations will be available and free for any truck driver until they can resume normal operations. 

The researcher said, "As a professional with first-hand experience in the trucking industry in Florida, your participation in this survey will help us identify and prioritize potential emergency truck parking locations to ensure the safety of drivers and their trucks during severe weather events."

The survey does not include any questions about your personal or institutional identity. The collected data will be summarized for reporting purposes. 

Take the survey here.