New York City passes bill to create overnight, off-street truck parking

Updated Oct 3, 2023
Truck parked in New York City
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In what appears to be a win-win for truck drivers and local residents, the New York City Coulc Thursday, Sept. 28, approved legislation to create no less than three long-term truck parking locations in the city.

The council's website says, "This bill would require an agency or office designated by the mayor to, by Dec. 31, 2025, identify no less than three locations where off-street parking for tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles would be feasible and appropriate, and to offer parking at such locations. Such locations could include real property owned by the city or by other governmental entities."

The bill does not apply to trucks that are parked and making deliveries.

The council's action comes as the surge in e-commerce is bringing more trucks into the city.

Last August, the city cracked down on illegally parked trucks on city streets. In the first five days of the operation — from Aug. 15 through Aug. 19 — the NYPD issued 597 summonses, attached 89-wheel clamps, and towed 55 illegally parked vehicles to a temporary storage facility.