Father, son make daring rescue of trucker who blacked out while driving

Red tractor-trailer stopped on highway
Sherman County Sheriff's office

The driver of a tractor-trailer can thank a father and son duo for probably saving his life earlier this week.

Sherman County Sheriff Burton Pianalto recounted the heroics of Brent Ginther and his son Brady in a Facebook post, thanking them for helping a trucker who experienced a medical emergency while driving on Interstate 70 in northwest Kansas Dec. 19. 

Sheriff Pianalto said the unidentified trucker blacked out and his tractor-trailer veered into the median at highway speed. He said the truck and trailer remained between the lanes of traffic for about a quarter mile, and struck a crossover, which slowed it down.

Pianalto explained their heroics when he wrote:

"The farmer (Ginter) and his son traveling in the same direction noticed the driver needing help, so they went into action. The semi-truck slowed down enough so they could jump onto the passenger’s side, but they found the door locked. The son riding on the semi-truck asked his dad to throw him a hammer. He then broke the window out, crawled into the semi-truck and stopped the semi-truck before it got to the overpass at exit 17.

"This action more than likely saved the life of the truck driver along with protecting all the other travelers on I-70 and Highway 27. It is amazing what people will do to help others they do not know. Thank you to Brent Ginther and his son Brady for your heroic actions. Our community is incredibly grateful!"