Released from prison, man steals truckload of Corvettes for ride home

Truckload of C8 Corvettes
Cochise County Sheriff' Department

A man was arrested in Arizona last week after he stole a tractor-trailer loaded with expensive sports cars because he needed a ride home after having been released from prison.

Police arrested Isaiah Walker, 23, of Lawton, Oklahoma after he assaulted the driver of a car hauler and then drove off with $1.25 million worth of Corvettes. Walker was stopped shortly after fleeing the Love's Travel Stop near Interstate 10 near Wilcox in southeast Arizona.

Fox News reports Walker took off with the truck loaded with 10 C8 Corvettes, refusing to stop for police and forcing other motorists off the road. He eventually stopped and was taken into custody.

He told police he had just been released from prison and needed a ride home. He faces numerous charges.

The undamaged truckload of Corvettes was returned to the original driver, who was able to continue with his delivery.