Numerous truckers among victims of AT&T cell service disruption

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Updated Feb 24, 2024
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A slew of truckers are among AT&T customers struggling with a major outage that has disrupted service today.

According to service tracking site DownDetector, AT&T customers reported increasing issues, with a peak outages of nearly 75,000, early Thursday. Some customers of Verizon and T-Mobile have reported problems today as well. Both carriers said those problems occurred when their customers are trying to connect with AT&T subscribers.

On its website page for service outages, AT&T said: "Some of our customers are experiencing wireless service interruptions this morning. We are working urgently to restore service to them. We encourage the use of Wi-Fi calling until service is restored." 

Comments by truckers responding to a post on the Truckers News Facebook page included:

"Yup tried to log into my Transflo app to start driving and it wouldn’t connect, came back home to sleep."

"I have AT&T, and it’s what my employer uses. I can use my phone, but my GeoTabs E-logs can’t connect to the network. It still keeps track of the duty status changes, so off I go!"

"I got no service on phone but my iPad has service so I’m hot spotting it off that."

"Yes no internet thank God I have a t mobile Wi-Fi hotspot I'm able to use wifi calling."

"Glad I switched to Verizon a few weeks ago time, but ELD is down so paper logs for me, but I can still get my loads through company apps and respond as needed."

"No internet to access my loads from the company."

"Took SIM card out of my new phone and put it in my old phone and now I have service with AT&T."

"Samsara is down. Paper logs it is!"

"No cell service in the Milwaukee area."

Trucks rely on cellular service for a variety of functions including engine control module updates, asset tracking and telematics, and electronic logging devices.