New York cops unleash windhshield barnacles on illegally parked trucks

Updated Apr 9, 2024
Class 8 truck with windshield boot attached

New York City police have escalated their attack on illegally parked trucks by slapping 17-pound windshield boots known as barnacles on some trucks.

The barnacles use powerful suction cups to attach to a truck's windshield obscuring the driver's view, rendering the truck undrivable. (They're called barnacles because they attach to trucks in a similar fashion as the sea creatures attach to the hulls of ships.)

The NYPD said it has leashed four of the windshield boots as part of its campaign against illegally parked vehicles including trucks. 

The bright yellow panels can only be removed by entering a code, which is supplied once the owner of the vehicle to which it is attached has paid their fine. If a driver tries to move the vehicle without properly removing the barnacle, the device emits a loud alarm and is tracked via GPS.