Blog: Company driver delivers happiness for 6-year-old boy

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These are the days of PDT — public displays of thankfulness. That’s as it should be since Thanksgiving looms large as the national celebration for such things.

Social media is about to be awash in people publically proclaiming all for which they are thankful. Many lists will contain, in varying combinations, the likes of:

  • good health
  • one’s children, grandchildren and/or parents depending on the poster
  • a decent job with pay and benefits sufficient to tend to the needs of the family
  • a faithful dog/cat
  • the quarterback of the football team at one’s alma mater or their favorite NFL franchise
  • a safe and dependable truck, understanding dispatcher, detention-free pickups and deliveries and highways with only minimal congestion and snow cover
Sawyer White (Photo by Katye White)Sawyer White (Photo by Katye White)

We’re pretty sure a guy named Danny Baker will be on one such list. And, well he should be.

Baker is a driver for ABF Freight, and a good man. Here’s why one family is thankful for him.

On a delivery last June, Baker met a special kid, 6-year-old Sawyer White from Duncan, South Carolina. According to a thank you letter Sawyer’s mom wrote to ABF, Baker made quite an impression on the boy, and the kid (and his sister) made one on the trucker.

Katye White wrote:

“Sawyer has had many struggles in his short 6 years but it does not slow him down and Danny really made a huge impact on him. He was born with spina bifida and wears braces to walk or uses a wheelchair to get around. Sawyer wants to be a truck driver when he grows up and Danny was very patient with him and truly made this delivery very special.”

Baker came back the next day to give the boy a die-cast ABF truck and a company cap. Baker also brought Sawyer’s sister Ellie a princess doll.

“He made my day,” Baker said of Sawyer. The driver said that with all the daily issues of being a driver it was “a breath of fresh air” to see a kid so excited to see him when he made that delivery. “The joy that came across that young man’s face was without a doubt a highlight of my time at ABF.”

Ellie and Sawyer White welcome Danny Baker to their home in South Carolina (Katye White photo)Ellie and Sawyer White welcome Danny Baker to their home in South Carolina (Katye White photo)

Katye wrote about another encounter with Baker, and ended her letter to ABF by saying, “I just wanted you to know what a wonderful and thoughtful employee you have!”

That pretty much nails it, and Baker’s employer agrees.

“Danny does a great job for ABF and has received many thank you emails and call-ins to the terminal,” said Craig Crews, ABF’s service center manager in Greenville, South Carolina. “This young man made a true difference in Danny’s life as well by simply being (a) wide-eyed, excited young man that has a true passion for tractor-trailers.”

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Sounds as if one driver’s encounter with a youngster may wind up on the lists of what several people are thankful for this Thanksgiving.


David Hollis is the editor of Trucker News and may be reached at [email protected]