Pet shedding in your cab? Hair today, gone tomorrow

CarPET pet hair remover (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

If you have a dog or cat then you know that their hair manages to get everywhere. When it comes to cleaning it out of your truck or off of furniture, it’s usually impossible without several sheets from a lint roller and a heavy duty vacuum. But the CarPET aims to help with that.

The CarPET is made of a washable plastic inner tube coated on the outside with rubber. It weights about 2.7 ounces and is no bigger than the size of your hand, making it an easily stored and portable item to keep in your truck cab. It’s designed for removing all types of pet hair, including horse and rabbit hair, and works on carpets, upholstery and textured fabrics.

It’s not a threat to upholstery since there’s no need to grind it down to get up the pet hair. A light sweep collects the hair without causing damage.

The CarPET pet hair remover comes in orange and pink. It retails for $9.95 each.