Where to go online for personal safety items

Trucking can be a dangerous career, and not just because you’re driving all day.

To stay safe while parked overnight or in new and potentially unsafe places, many drivers invest in personal defense tools. Women On Guard, a retail website specializing in women’s self-defense items, is one source for such devices. 

Not interested in carrying a traditional, bulky can of pepper spray or a regular taser? Women On Guard has pepper sprays and tasers designed to look like lipsticks. They won’t look out of place in your purse and are easily stored in your cab.

Women On Guard also sells personal alarms, home protection packages and even survival gear like emergency foods, water filter pumps and power sources.

(Be aware that not all devices available on Women On Guard are legal to carry in all jurisdictions. Be sure to consult state laws if you are driving OTR.)