Just In Case bra has compartment for knives, pepper spray

Just In Case bra (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

A good sports bra offers plenty of support and now, thanks to Booby Trap Bras, they can keep you supported if you run into danger.

Jennifer Cutrona, creator of Booby Trap Bras, got the idea to create a sports bra with a built-in knife sheath after someone jumped at her while running. The Just In Case Bra has a built-in compartment for a small knife or pepper spray. It’s located on the front chest for quick access.

The Just In Case Bra comes in five colors: black, blue, green, grey and red.

You can order online. Price: $49.99 for the pepper spray bra and $54.99 for the knife bra. (The knife and pepper spray are sold separately.)

The bra sizes are based on inches around the rib cage. It’s available in sizes 32-46.

Booby Trap Bras also sells arm compression sleeves with pockets, athletic wear, knives, pepper sprays and stun guns.

Be aware that pepper spray and stun guns are not legal in all states or communities.