Cosmetic bag lays out flat for convenience

The LAY/N/GO Cosmo

Make up bags get dirty fast and keeping them clean can be a hassle. The LAY/N/GO Cosmo is a cosmetic bag that transforms from a handled clutch into a flat surface. It’s machine washable and keeps your makeup in one organized place. When your done with your makeup, you pull the drawstring on the LAY/N/GO Cosmo and within seconds you have a clutch again.

The LAY/N/GO Cosmo is available in black, hot pink, ocean blue, lime green, purple, snakeskin, zigzag, sapphire, leopard, gold and silver.

It has a nylon cord and lock with a lip around the bag to prevent makeup from rolling off the bag when in its flattened position. The bag has a Velcro front storage pocket and a 5-inch center elastic strap to hold brushes.

The LAY/N/GO Cosmo retails for $29.95 in solid colors and $34.95 for patterns and metallic colors. Order online.