Get nostalgic with these classic board game apps

board-gamesWe all have memories of being huddled around our favorite board game with friends and family. Maybe your favorite was Life, Scrabble, or Sorry!, or maybe it was something else entirely.

Board games aren’t as commonly played as they once were, and you probably aren’t going to sacrifice room in your truck so you can bring one along. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t channel some nostalgia and play your favorite classic board game. You just have to play it with a modern twist: On your phone with these apps.

1. The Game of Life

Go to college or pick a technical career, get married, have children and retire — all within the span of a few minutes by playing Life. This classic game takes you through the stages of Life, using the money you earn to determine whether you win or lose when the game concludes. This app is available for iPhones and Android devices for $2.99 from their respective app stores.

2. Scrabble

You can connect with friends or play solo with these app for the classic word-based game. Earn points based on the words you can make with the tiles you have. This app is available in a free version on iPhone and Android devices. There is also a $7.99 paid version available for iPhones.

3. Monopoly 

Monopoly was the game that could go on and on, and at the end of it you’d either most often built an empire or gone bankrupt. You can buy, sell and trade properties in the app just like you could in the classic game, but the phone app has graphics that bring the properties to life. This app is available for $0.99 for iPhone devices and $1.99 for Android devices.