Winter hat keeps you warm and ponytail secure

Peekaboos Ponytail Hat (Image Courtesy of Peekaboos Hats)Peekaboos Ponytail Hat (Image Courtesy of Peekaboos Hats)

Winter weather is here and if you’re a working woman with medium to long hair, you’ve probably got it tied back in a ponytail out of the way. 

The downside to a ponytail is they aren’t compatible with most hats, outside of baseball caps – and those certainly aren’t made to keep you warm. If you want to wear a warm winter hat and rock your ponytail at the same time, you’ll need one of the Peekaboos Ponytail Hats.

These cable knit hats have a hidden hole in the back for you to pull your ponytail through. Warm and efficient, they come in several different colors as well as sizes for adults and misses.

They have a polar fleece headband liner which offers extra warmth. There are two ponytail openings, one high-medium and one low. These openings disappear when they aren’t being used. The hats are made of a non-itch acrylic knit fiber.

The hats cost $36.95 each online and can be ordered directly from their maker.