Australian woman a truck driver, psychic and author

Dee Gibson is a long haul truck driver in Australia, and not just any truckie, as they are called down under.  Gibson also is a an expert in numerology and is a psychic.

She has combined these vocations to write, what else, The Psychic Truck Driver.

Dee Gibson: The Psychic TruckerDee Gibson: The Psychic Trucker

Gibson got into trucking when her husband suggested it might be a good way to add to the family finances. The career change led to something most drivers never experience. Gibson explains:

“The first time I saw a ghost on the road was in the ’90’s. This was where my journey as a truck driver bought me face to face with him. He was looking at me through the side window of the truck. He was curious, he was ancient and he was not of this world.”

You don’t necessarily see that on I-95 most days.

Gibson is the mother of two and grandmother, and aside from driving truck, she has been a retail supervisor, training officer and educator.

“I urge people to keep an open mind, just because science doesn’t prove something yet doesn’t mean it cannot exist,” said Gibson. “Sometimes it is difficult because whilst it is the most natural thing in the world to me, science does not yet fully reconcile to the ability or presence of what all senses perceive.”