If you gotta wear shades, be sure they protect your eyes

Updated Apr 26, 2017

If you’re a fan of one-hit wonders — bands that had one big song and then pretty much faded from view — then you will recognize a 1986 song by Timbuk3 called, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.”

Oakley “She’s Unstoppable” sunglassesOakley “She’s Unstoppable” sunglasses

While we certainly hope things are looking bright for you future, we hope you’re wearing sunglasses for the same of protecting your eyes as you drive.

Of course, we expect your shades to look good, but its far more important that they protect your eyes. When you’re going to plunk down a couple hundred bucks for some serious eyewear, you want to be sure they:

• Provide UV-A and UV-B protection
• Relieve stress on your eyes
• Are Polarized to reduce glare and reflections
• Provide clear vision of potential obstacles hidden by glare
• Are scratch resistant

Oakley makes many models of glasses, but one that seems perfect for women truck drivers is the model they call “She’s Unstoppable.” They’re Polarized, and not inexpensive at $200.