Nozzle turns bottle of water into a dog shower

Mud Dog Shower in actionMud Dog Shower in action

For some of our canine traveling companions, mud puddles have an otherworldly magnetic attraction. As mindful as you may be while walking your dog, it only takes a second for them to find a puddle and go from pristine pup to mud puppy.

More often than not, a dog washing station may not be handy. Besides, you want your dog clean before they get back in your truck.

Kurgo, a maker of numerous products for dog owners, has a solution with its Mud Dog Shower. This handy nozzle simply screws onto the top of a soda bottle you can fill with water (or some cheap bottled water if you have to buy some). Tip it up and squeeze and it provides a stream of water to get rid of the mud.

Kurgo also suggests it can be used to give your pup a drink after a walk.

We’re also thinking that, in a pinch, this could be a useful way to rinse off after a walk or a hard day’s work when a shower is not handy.

Available online for $11.69.

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