In the CB market? Here’s how to get started


Old school or not, there’s a place in your cab for a good CB radio. You may not like all the useless and annoying chatter you sometimes hear, but there is no substitute when the weather or the traffic is bad and you need to know what’s going on up ahead. So if you don’t like the silliness and annoying chat, use a standard feature on all CB’s: the on/off switch.

If you do install or upgrade, we suggest doing it with a complete outfit composed of quality pieces:

  • CB Radio:  Start with a RoadKing 5640 radio. It has all the power you need and features a USB port for easy device charging, backlit knobs and easy to read dials.
  • Microphone: Add a rugged RoadKing 564P mic to be heard properly. This four-pin dynamic mic also features noise-canceling technology.
  • Antenna: The K40- BC Max is rated at 20,000 watts. It’s open helical coil gives wide bandwidth of 26 to 30 Mhz and also features a tunable .200″ x 48″ tapered stainless steel whip. Its exterior is made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum.
  • Cables: Wilson and K40 produced cables that ensure your radio and antenna connect well and provide proper reception and transmission.

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