Guide helps you eat well and not go broke


Eating properly is important, especially for a hardworking woman on the road. At the same time, living within a budget is not always easy for the family of that same woman.

Even a successful, trucking driving mom with a couple of kids to feed may often find there are more meals to prepare when that week’s paycheck is about to run out.

There’s an online guide you can access that helps you eat well while on the road, feed your family healthy meals and not go broke in the process. Created by the Environmental Working Group, the Good Food on a Tight Budget Guide contains foods that “that pack in nutrients at a good price, with the fewest pesticides, contaminants and artificial ingredients.”

It offers suggestions on the best fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy, cooking fats and oils and staples and spices to help you put good meals on the table without busting your household budget. It also offers tips on making the most of your food dollar, and helps you out with some recipe suggestions.

The guide also offers some resources if you, like many hardworking Americans these days, have a hard time making ends meet.