Love’s app helps you find time for shower

loves Busy Times Graph-Loves Shower App Feature

2 Loves Busy Times Graph Loves Shower App FeatureTrip planning is an essential part of the day for most over-the-road truckers, and part of that process is finding a time and place to take a shower.

The Love’s Travel Stops mobile app can now help you do that. An update to the Love’s Connect app has a new feature called the “busy times” graph. It shows shower traffic based on historic data that each Love’s location typically receives for every hour of the day, according to a statement from the company.

The company says the busy times graph idea came from feedback it received from drivers who said they wanted a better way to plan when to stop for a shower. The app already allows drivers to check in for a shower at a Love’s location and skip the fuel desk.

“Planning an efficient route is of utmost importance for our customers, which is why we developed this new app feature,” said Jerry Hamm, senior manager of customer technology and innovation. “This is an exciting piece of technology that we believe will improve our customer’s experience as they drive across the country.”

Drivers can download the Love’s Connect app here.