History of Ford “F” Series trucks on display at museum

If your travels take you to Tacoma, Wash. between now and June, you may wish to build in a little extra time to go to a museum.

LeMay – America’s Car Museum, the largest automotive museum in North America, opened its “F-Series: The Truck that Grew Up with America” exhibit on Jan. 10 to a record-breaking crowd. It runs through the end of June.

America’s Car Museum, new exhibition features the Ford “F” Series.

The new exhibit features some of the rarest and most collectible F-Series pickup trucks from each era. The oldest vehicle in its exhibit, a 1948 Ford F-1, that spent years as a plumber’s truck before undergoing restoration.

In “The Truck that Grew Up with America,” ACM chronicles the 67-year history of the best-selling full-size pickup truck as it evolved from an agricultural tool into today’s truck that can be optioned into a posh luxury vehicle.

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