Photos: 11 excellent reasons to love vintage COE’s

Some are about as plain as can be, while others are true land yachts. They’re cab over engine style trucks — a.k.a. COE’s — and there were plenty of them at the American Truck Historical Society convention held last week in York, Pa. Here’s our first sampling of some of the many COE’s that were on display.

1965 International DCOF-405 owned by Randy Englehart of Youngstown, Ohio 1979 Mack F model owned by George Coffman’s Hobby trucking of Dayton, Va. 1978 Chevy Titan 90 owned by George Lapp of Middletown, NY 1980 Peterbilt 352 owned by Dennis Chan of Sacramento, Calif. Peterbilt 362 converted to an RV and owned by Linda and Jeffrey Rose of Truro, Mass. 1979 Mack Cruiseliner(left) owned by Brian Hanson of Chambersburg, Md. and a 1989 Mack MH-612 owned by Fred Dyke of Orange, Va. 1944 Diamond Reo Royale owned by Dan Prouse of Salford, Ontario, Canada 1962 International Emeryville owned by Bill Nagy of Bangor, Pa. 1980 International 4070B owned by Arnold Block of Lake Hiawatha, NJ 1980 Peterbilt 352 owned by Richard Morchesky of Greensburg, Pa.