10 tons of cheese burns when brakes catch fire

Shredded cheese and Velveeta burned in this Wisconsin truck fire.Shredded cheese and Velveeta burned in this Wisconsin truck fire.

As one woman says in this video, “It gives a whole new meaning to grilled cheese.”

No one was hurt as 20,000 lbs. of cheese burned when the brakes on a truck’s trailer caught fire in West Allis, Wisconsin Tuesday, April 18.

Fire officials say a truck driver was on Highway 100 west of Milwaukee when he realized his brakes were on fire. WTMJ-TV reports the driver pulled into a parking lot, and tried to put the fire out himself. That didn’t work so he disconnected his tractor, and fire crews used foam to extinguish the high-intensity blaze.

In an unrelated incident, a truck rolled off Highway 20 in Thornton, Idaho Tuesday, spilling 40,000 lbs, of potatoes. The Idaho Statesman reports a car cut in front of the truck, causing the truck driver to swerve to avoid it.