XPO driver talks about how he reached 4 million safe miles

David Frazier, s driver for LTL mega-carrier XPO, recently logged his 4 millionth accident-free mile.

“There’s so many things that go into play," said Frazier, a 35-year driver for XPO,. “It takes a lot of years to create the right habits because the habits that you develop over a long period of time will carry you through some of the moments when you may be a little distracted or a little tired."

Frazier considers his physical condition before stepping foot in a vehicle.

“(The) first thing is what you do before,” Frazier said. “Getting the right rest and keeping yourself in some kind of decent shape makes all the difference in the world. It takes a very conscientious effort all the time. Keep tabs on that. And if you get tired, stop and take a break.

"I don’t push myself to the point of exhaustion, it’s not worth the risk.”