Boost Cube has four ports for fast charging

Boost Cube with four USB ports

Can you ever have enough ports to charge your various devices?

We didn’t think so.

So, here’s the new BoostCube USB wall charger with four ports from iClever.

Using what the company calls SmartID Technology, the BoostCube “…ensures maximum charging efficiency and speed by quickly identifying the device to be charged,” according to iClever.

Just 2.44 inches x 2.44 inches x 1.12 inches, the BoostCube provides 40 watts of power to charge any four USB digital devices at up to 2.4 amps per port.

It’s compatible with Kindle Fire, Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC One, Mp3 players, Bluetooth speakers and other USB powered devices.

Price: $11.99