Spring cleaning comes to inside of your truck’s engine

Ultra-low sulfur fuel can cause a loss of lubricity, lower BTUs and premature wear of your truck’s fuel injection system. Build up of deposits on fuel injectors and pumps can have a negative effect on power, fuel economy and durability.

Meaner Power Kleaner increases lubricity, eliminates water, cleans injectors, reduces exhaust emissions, improves engine performance — and guarantees a 5 percent improvement in fuel economy.

It also:

  • Safely eliminates water
  • Cleans dirty injectors
  • Eliminates the environment that promotes microbial growth
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and improves engine performance
  • Stabilizes fuel and eliminates sediment formation
  • Safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel blends to B-20
  • Particulate filter friendly and warranty safe

Available at travel centers.