Work surface folds down to pocketsize

Matador Work Surface

Life on the road means sometimes you have to get out from behind the wheel and get underneath your truck or trailer.

When you do, you can do it without bringing the dirty parts of the road back with you.

Matador makes a line of work surfaces and blankets you put on the ground before you get to work. They are durable, lightweight, and fold down small enough to fit in your pocket, tool box or glove compartment.

Matador Surface is resistant to gas, oil, grease, and water and even helps you organize and clean up. It hoses off for quick cleanup. A built-in hardware trap keeps small items from getting lost. Weighted ends double as a bottle opener, and handy guides for DIYers—like a ruler, protractor, and angle marker—are printed right on the fabric.

The Pocket Blanket unfolds fast for a waterproof sitting surface almost anywhere. It’s thinner than one tenth of a millimeter, yet puncture-resistant and won’t let moisture through. Weighted ends keep it in place, too.

When you’re done and ready to store your Pocket Blanket or Work Surface, just follow the folding directions printed right on them.

Work Surface price: $59.99; Blanket: $29.99