Battery pack uses sun to recharge your smartphone

It’s a fact of life on the road, sometimes you’re not within reach of a place at which you can recharge your phone, tablet or other device.

That’s when you need to have power of your own. The Solar Dual USB 15,000mAh battery pack from ToughTested provides that power.

solar-charger-from-toughtestedSolar Dual USB 15,000mAh battery pack from ToughTested

But, what you may ask, provides the power to it? The sun, of course.

The charger has a solar panel on it so it can recharge itself just by sitting in sunlight. Then it’s good to go, providing up to 10 charges for the typical smartphone.

This battery pack has two USB ports os you can replenish two devices at once, and it has built in InstaSense technology so it knows how much juice each one should get safely.

And, just in case, it includes a micro USB charging cable and car charger.

Price: $100