Special lid turns humble Mason jar into travel mug

There was a time that Mason jars were strictly for canning, or as some say, putting by, food.

Today, they are used for just about anything: drinking glasses, keeping leftovers fresh in the kitchen or storing small nuts, bolts or nails in the garage or workshop. And, it may be illegal to make a country music video without them.

Cuppow turns a Mason jar into a travel mug.

Plus, they’re inexpensive, durable, heat-resistant, and recyclable. But, using a Mason jar on the go — in your truck, for example — can be a bit tricky. 

The Cuppow solves that problem. This BPA-free plastic lid turns any Mason jar into a travel mug.

Designed for both large and regular mouth Mason or other canning jars, the Cuppow is dishwasher-safe and fits underneath the screw-on ring that comes with a canning jar. 

Price: 3 for $23.85