Make room in truck’s first aid kit for BloodStop gauze

Updated Jun 3, 2016

Sometimes — maybe often times — working on or around your truck can leave you with cuts and scrapes, some worse than others.

When the cut requires more than an adhesive bandage but less than a trip to the emergency room, the answer might be BloodStop, a hemostatic gauze that adheres to wounds and shuts off their bleeding in less than a minute.

BloodStop is made from a biodegradable, natural fiber that conforms to wounds with a gel seal and allows for natural healing. The gauze is also water-soluble so it will wash off without irritating the wound surface or interrupting the healing process.

A box of BloodStop includes 10 individual packets of gauze; eight measure 1″ x 1″ and two are 2″ x 2″. In addition to cuts and abrasions, BloodStop can also be used to stop nose bleeds.

Price: $16.99 online.