Bronze keychain doubles as handy wrench

This keychain doubles as a wrench

FutureRelic makes this bronze keychain that also does duty as a wrench, fitting both SAE and metric nuts and bolts.

This keychain is CNC machined from solid naval bronze, which is sturdy and resistant to corrosion, and finished by hand.

The wrench openings are shaped to hold and torque common bolt and nut sizes. It has two sets of openings, one for SAE bolts and nuts and one for metric sizes.

  • SAE sizes: 9/16″ – 1/2″ – 7/16″ – 3/8″ – 5/16″ – 1/4″.
  • Metric Sizes: 11mm – 10mm – 9mm – 8mm – 7mm – 6mm.

The diameter of the keychain is 1.75 inches.

Price: $39 online