Monkii Bars 2: Small exercise device delivers big results

Monkii Bars 2 exercise gear

Remember the monkey bars you played on as a kid?

Yes, the playground equipment you could climb on, swing from and, in the case of some of the less athletically gifted of us, fall off.

Well, Monkii Bars 2 is nothing like those, but it is the ideal workout companion for your truck. The small, versatile and easily-packed exercise device is almost a gym unto itself. Makers say you can perform more than 200 exercises with the Monkii Bars 2.

Weighing just 9 ounces, the device packs into its own carrying case, which doubles as an over-the-door mount and has a place to hold your smartphone so you can watch workout videos.

See Monkii Bars 2’s Kickstarter campaign online for more details.