WakaWaka Light is a solar charger and lamp

WakaWaka Light: Solar charger and lamp

The name of this solar-powered charger and lamp may sound silly, but it has a serious purpose.

The WakaWaka Light provides between eight and 80 hours of illumination, depending on the the brightness setting. It also can recharge a smartphone in about two hours. And, it does all of this with the power of the sun.

The solar-powered LED lamp, which makers say is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and electronic components, uses a lithium metal battery. It has four brightness settings and a flashing SOS beacon. In strong sunlight, the WakaWaka Light takes between four and five hours to fully charge.

Aside from being a handy appliance with which to keep your smartphone charged, the WakaWaka Light also helps those who might not have access to a power grid.  For every light purchased, another is subsidized in places where electric power isn’t available.

Order online for $79.