Device charges your phone and leads you to your truck

Zus and its app on a smartphone

Two things you always need when on the road:

  • Keeping your smartphone charged
  • Knowing where your truck is parked

There are more things on your trucker’s “to do” list, but one device can handle both of the items above.

The German makers of  Zus (pronounced like the Greek god Zeus) claim it is an “ultra-fast” charger that refills your devices’ batteries at twice the normal speed.

In addition, it works as a homing device to help you find your rig when you come out of a truck stop. Zus has a free app you can add to your smartphone. Open it and Zus actually points you in the right direction.

Zus plugs into your truck’s lighter socket, and works with our without the ignition turned on.

Order online for $29.99