FreezeTag silences your pet’s noisy license, ID

As much as we love our pets, the noises they make can be annoying … and we’re not talking about the yips and barks and late night howling. Sometimes, the constant “jingle, jangle, jingle” of their metal license and identification tags can disturb or distress even the biggest fans of our pets, especially if they are in the truck with you all day.

FreezeTag quiets your pet’s license and ID tags

Now there’s a simple, inexpensive alternative to taking off their tags and risk losing your pet if they get loose. FreezeTag silences the sound of those metal tags clinking together.

According to the manufacturer, the company founder “… was inspired to create FreezeTag by a tagless Great Dane wandering alongside the road. With no identifying info to go on, reuniting him with his family was much harder than it should have been. The ordeal led her to a realization—many people remove their pets’ tags because they’re noisy.”

To install a FreezeTag holder on your pup, you just pull the rubber stopper off, then unscrew the nut. Then, according to the company, “Add the tags and replace the nut snugly—tight enough to prevent jingle, but loose enough to fan the tags out. Hook it through your pet’s collar ring and replace the stopper.”

Order online for $9.95