Bearcat 980 CB keeps you on top of road conditions

Updated Nov 29, 2016
Bearcat 980 SSBBearcat 980 SSB

Winter weather is making its presence known throughout much of the U.S. and staying on top of highway conditions is essential.

Many drivers rely on their CB radio to keep them up to date on any trouble spots and Uniden’s Bearcat 980 SSB CB radio has several features that can help do just that. 

What sets it apart are several additions that are normally seen in much bigger and more expensive models. Most notable are a new noise-cancelling microphone to clear out highway and other background noise, seven choices of backlighting, large display panel and a feature that allows instant switching to emergency channel 9.

This radio got a four and half stars rating from Amazon shoppers, and 85 percent gave it four or five stars.

Other features of the Bearcat 980 SSB include:

  • 40 channel AM operation
  • Dynamic squelch control
  • Four-position mic gain control
  • Extra long mic cord
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • CB/PA switch
  • Large digital S/RF/SWR meter
  • Seven color display options
  • Variable talk back
  • Day/Night dimmer switch
  • Radio diagnostics

Uniden also offers the Pro401 HH, a professional level handheld CB with 40 channels. It has four watts of power, rechargeable batteries, auto noise cancel and high/low power selection. Accessories include belt clip and strap, flexible antenna and DC adapter.

Both are available at travel plazas and online.