Bell warns others of approach by walkers, runners

You have been told to get out and walk or run.

“It’s good for you,” they say. “Just 15 minutes a day,” they say. “It’s good for your ______ (fill in body part or system),” they say.

The RunbellThe Runbell

So, you hit the road, street, sidewalk, parking lot and before you know it, someone’s in front of you; it’s just like on the interstate.

“How do I approach and pass them without startling them?” you ask. “Is it OK to shout, ‘Coming through!’ or ‘On the left!’ as I come closer?” you ask.

Here’s the solution: The Runbell. It’s small, slips over your fingers and is a nice little brass bell like the one you had on your bike as a kid.

The Runbell is loud but not jarring and can be adjusted to fit most hands, male or female.

Available online for $23.35.