12-volt stove allows you to eat well on the road

Updated Mar 10, 2017
RoadPro’s 12-volt stoveRoadPro’s 12-volt stove

If there is just one device you could use for cooking in your truck, the RoadPro 12-volt portable stove might be the best bet.

The so called “lunch box” cooker allows you to:

  • cook meals you made and packaged before leaving home
  • reheat’s last night’s restaurant dinner leftovers
  • heat up canned or frozen items you can pick up at a grocery store or travel stop
  • actually do some light cooking of a dish from raw ingredients

Just drop in a disposable aluminum loaf pan, plug the stove into your truck’s lighter and in a short while the stove will reach up to 300 degrees. This lets you boil rice or pasta, heat canned soups or stews or thaw and heat frozen meals.

71i Nl N Q0b L Sl1200Here’s what one truck driver — who gave it a five star rating — said in his review on Amazon:

“It really gets old eating fast food while out on the road. I’m a trucker and thats all they have in most travel centers. On Christmas my girlfriend got me this, and its the best gift I could have gotten. This is a tackle box stove, and its mainly a food warmer. This will get pretty hot also, and after plugged in for only 10 minutes the bottom plate has plenty of heat. I can pull into a rest area, throw some Hot Pockets or burritos in it. Then head down the road and then pull over and have lunch in about an hour. This stove saves me a whole lot of money as well, as i really don’t have a need to eat out when I’m on the road. In the morning I can put some sausage biscuits in it and in 30 minutes they’re piping hot. As for dinner I can warm up leftover pizza, lasagna, soups, or pretty much any frozen food and it comes out great. If theres any negative thing to this stove, I’m not sure what it would be. It’s prefect for someone running solo or a team. So if you want to eat healthier on the road or just to be able to bring some real good food with you, this would be the item to have.”