Device is like having a masseuse ride with you

81c Gco4wjq L Sx522No two ways about it, what you do for a living is not easy on your body, especially your back.

Sitting for extended periods of time, limited opportunities to stand and stretch and walk, all of these take their toll on your back.

And, while it may not be the same as an appointment with your chiropractor or a massage therapist, the Naipo Back Massage Cushion can provide some comfort at the end of a long day at the wheel.

The cushion has 12 “deep kneading” massaging nodes, a heat setting and is said to fit any seat.

A product description on Amazon cautions, “The massager will shut-down automatically every 15 minutes, we suggest that (you) don’t massage the same area on your body over 30 minutes. It may hurt your skin by a long time friction.”