Quick stain remover you can carry with you

Updated Aug 31, 2017

Spot Stuff PacketOil and grease stains are as much a part of the trucking life as white lines and late night truck stop coffee.

Spot Stuff, a non-toxic stain remover erases oil, grease and fat stains in less than five minutes. It even works on stains you’ve washed and dried, according to its maker.

Made in the U.S, Spot Stuff can be used on stains up to a year old, that have been washed, and is safe for colorfast washable fabrics.


  • Test inconspicuous area first
  • Remove excess spill
  • Sprinkle on Spot Stuff sparingly and rub in to lightly cover spot
  • Leave on three to five minutes
  • Towel off, lightly brush, or vacuum

Order 15 packets online for $17.95.