Minimizer offers new line of truck mattresses

Updated Sep 3, 2017

Trucking industry supplier Minimizer Friday unveiled a truck mattress line the company says closes a quality void that exists among stock and other aftermarket mattress offerings. The company introduced the new Long Haul Mattress series at the Great American Trucking Show.

Minimizer has introduced a new line of mattresses.Minimizer has introduced a new line of mattresses.

The Long Haul Mattress series comes in four sizes and costs between $859 and $959. All four come with a soft side and a firm side, allowing drivers to choose their desired firmness. The mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The company says it consulted truckers, doctors and chiropractors when developing the mattress.

“My engineers researched mattresses for over a year and found a big gap with what’s available in a home mattress versus a truck mattress,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said. “It shouldn’t be like that. Why would truck drivers be expected to sleep on something inferior to what the rest of the world has available? So we set out to make the finest mattress available for professional drivers.”