Spidy cargo net evens out uneven loads

Updated Mar 1, 2018

Not every load you put in the bed of your pickup is nice, neat and symmetrical.

The Spidy Gear Bed Webb truck bed cargo net is designed to secure those sorts of uneven loads. Constructed of heavy-duty stretch shock cord, this cargo net is flexible and easy to install; fits all full-size truck beds.

Features include:

  • Returns to unstretched shape when not in use
  • Stainless steel center ring
  • 14 connection points ensure a secure load
  • Plastic hooks connect to factory tie-down loops, bed lip, and included D-ring

Comes with a collapsible mesh travel bag for storage behind seats or in a tool box.

Unstretched the Spidy Gear Bed Webb is 84″ long x 60″ wide and stretches out to 78″ x 114″

Available online for $46.50.