Chill! Cool Relief scarf helps beat the heat

Updated Jul 15, 2018

While much of the U.S. is still recovering from a nearly week-long spell of record-breaking heat, there still is plenty of summer to come.

The last thing you need is to be while working is overheated. While your truck may be well air conditioned, there may be times when you still want a little extra coolness.

FlexiFreeze Ice VestFlexiFreeze Ice Vest

That can be easily provided by the Cool Relief ice pack bandana head wrap and neck cooling scarf. The wrap has a pocket into which you slip re-freezable gel inserts and fits around your neck or around your head to provide relief from the heat.

It’s also handy to have on your truck in case of headaches and other minor pain.

The scarf and a four-pack of inserts are available online for $19.94.  

And, for those really hot days, try the FlexiFreeze Ice Vest.