LG Tone Pro HBS-780 headset loaded with features drivers seek

Updated Jul 22, 2018

When purchasing a wireless headset for use while driving, you often are faced with making several choices:

  • Do you seek one that’s comfortable to wear during your long day on the road?
  • Do you want one with great sound?
  • Is it important that it’s filled with the latest convenient features?
  • Or are you looking for one that won’t break your bank?

The LG Tone Pro HBS-780 makes your decision easy by ticking all those boxes. It’s loaded with the features professional drivers want and need to stay connected while driving, and does so at a price even the most budget-minded driver can live with.

To begin with, the LG HBS-780 is lightweight, draping comfortably around your neck. Its Quad-Layer Speaker Technology delivers superior sound quality and includes hidden magnetic earbuds so you’re sure to hear important messages from dispatch or a loved one at home.

In addition, the low-profile Bluetooth (version 4.1) headset has sensitive, dual MEMS microphones to ensure you’re properly heard.

Features on the HBS-780 include:

  • Call and play buttons conveniently located on the side of the device
  • Volume and music jog buttons
  • Ability to pair with two devices
  • Qualcom aptX compatibility
  • Vibrating call alert
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Tone & Talk SMs reader
  • Ability to record voice memos
  • Microphone mute

With all those features, the HBS-78- still has plenty of battery power for the long haul. It delivers 16 hours of talk time, 12 hours of music listening and 720 hours on standby. And, it has an operating range of 33 feet.

Now for the important part for those who may be concerned about cost. The HBS-780 has an MSRP of $69.99. It also can be purchased for less online and is available at travel centers.