Grid-It keeps your gear organized

Updated Oct 21, 2018

Even the largest, most spacious sleeper is a modest size compared to your home and/or garage. Still, it’s sometimes easy for a piece of gear to go MIA.

The Grid-It organization system by Cocoon helps keep many of your smaller and necessary items where they belong so you can find them when needed.

The Grid-It is a pretty simple device. A series of strong, elastic bands are woven across a flat service. This gives you numerous spots in which to stick a cord or a charger, screwdriver or a pair of reading glasses. They are held securely in place and remain readily available.

Cocoon offers Grid-It in a variety of sizes (from 5″ x 7″ up to 11″ x 15″) and configurations. Many have a zippered storage pocket that can hold a laptop, tablet or files. There’s even one that slips over a sun visor.

Prices vary. Grid-It can be ordered online from the Cocoon website. The company also makes a variety of other organizing products.