The flashlight to have if you have just one

Updated Jun 11, 2019
LUMAGEAR LG3201G tactical flashlightLUMAGEAR LG3201G tactical flashlight

If you keep just one flashlight in your truck, the LUMAGEAR LG3201G tactical flashlight ought to be the one. It’s bigger and more powerful than what is needed for most situations. But, it’s exactly what you need when you need a stout, bright light that covers a lot of ground with authority.

The LG3201G is 12 inches long, made of aircraft aluminum and is powered for up to six hours by three “D” batteries. It will throw a beam of light — adjustable to wide or focused — almost 500 feet. And, it has three modes: high, low and strobe.

While the LG3201G is lightweight, it’s also durable. More than that, it’s waterproof and impact resistant so it’s going to be up to just about any roadside task.

The LUMAGEAR LG3201G 12-inch tactical flashlight is available online and at most travel stops.