Your voice is all you need with BlueParrott’s headset

Updated Aug 27, 2019
BlueParrott’s B550-XT wireless headset is a totally hands-free device.BlueParrott’s B550-XT wireless headset is a totally hands-free device.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just use your voice to get things done?

You can, at least with BlueParrott’s wireless headset, the B550-XT. As a totally hands-free device, you tell it what you want, and the B550-XT does it. (No, it won’t fetch your coffee or staff the fuel pump for you. Let’s be reasonable!)

This robust headset uses Voice Control Pro to manage your calls, access voice assistants, and control apps, music and GPS directions. All you have to say is “Hello BlueParrott,” to make use of these and other features on the B550-XT.

The B550-XT delivers:

  • 24 hours of talk time
  • 500 hours of standby
  • 96 percent cancellation of background noise
  • 300 feet of range to pair with other Bluetooth devices,

The company says it’s the most comfortable over-the-head headset that the company has ever designed. The cushion size has increased over 10 percent, and that means drivers can wear the headset all the time they are driving without discomfort.

The B550-XT sells for about $199.99 in select travel centers.