Big Chill (not the movie!) helps beat the heat

Updated Sep 3, 2019

Despite the weather headlines that showed snow still falling in some of the high parts of the Rocky Mountain states recently, summer is here. That’s evident by some high temperature warnings elsewhere.

Big Chill 1And, that means one of your truck’s most critical functions will be keeping you cool. The last thing you need while driving a long, empty stretch of interstate in the southwest is for your air conditioning to shut down.

But, if it does, help is at hand in the shape of Big Chill, and we’re not talking about the hit movie from 1983. Instead, this Big Chill can rescue your truck’s A/C.  

Not only does Big Chill recharge your truck’s A/C, it also seals leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets and O-rings. In addition, additives protect the heart of your A/C system, the compressor.

Big Chill contains 19 ounces of R-134a and 3 ounces of additives. Combined, they keep your A/C operating and keep you cool. It’s also formulated to meet the cooling needs of bigger vehicles like your truck.

A helpful feature of Big Chill is the reusable trigger dispenser and measuring gauge, which makes filling your A/C system to its proper level easy and accurate.  

Keeping a container of Big Chill in your truck can mean the difference in traveling cooly and safely through the summer heat or sweating your way all the way from St. Louis to Denver.