Collar tracks your dog while on the road

Updated Aug 25, 2020

Trucking, and especially over-the-road, can be a lonely business. Having someone to share the ride with can make it far less so. For many drivers, that trucking companion may be a dog.

However, traveling with a pet can bring a huge problem: what if your dog gets free and takes off without you? You may well be on a schedule with little or no time to look for them in a strange place without friends or family to help.

Putting a Fi collar on your pup can help increase your chances of getting your best friend back should they go astray on the road. The high tech collar has GPS so you can track your pup, and help facilitate their safe return.

Waterproof and with a battery that holds a charge for as long as three months, the Fi collar also acts as a fitness tracker to ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs.

Available in two colors (yellow and gray), the Fi collar comes in four sizes, from 11.5 inches on up to 34.5 inches.

You can order online for $149.